Here's How Review Balance Works:

Our system allows you to collect reviews from your customers, and direct their reviews to different places, depending on if the customer had a great or poor experience.


People are MUCH more likely to leave online reviews when they have a negative experience… and online reviews play a big role in the buying choices customers make.


Use our specialized redirection system (shown below) to block negative reviews from being posted to public review websites. Instead, you'll get negative reviews sent to your personal email – and ONLY your personal email.

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Who would you trust?

You never get a second chance at a first impression.

5 Stars rating + glowing reviews

2 Stars rating + negative reviews

Click here to see working example test page of Review funnel

If the customer gives a RAVE review

The review is directed to one of several review sites, where thousands of potential customers can read it, ultimately BOOSTING your online reputation and increasing your chances for growth.

If the customer gives a POOR review

You do NOT want that anywhere online! Both people still win in this scenario. The customer gets a chance to vent and be heard, and you'll preserve your online reputation. Angry customer reviews get re-directed into your email inbox, and you can diffuse the situation privately.

Once the customer enters their review…

The Happy Customers choose which sites they'd like to post their winning review.

Unsatisfied customers will NOT be directed to review sites, but will instead receive an optional Retention Coupon, which allows them to try your product/service again and have a better experience.

You can Also:

Create coupons for your Happy Customers, and allow them to Share their GREAT experience (and their coupon) with their family and friends through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Email.

(Monitor and Track your Reviews - from 1 dashboard, so you can 'see' you online reputation at-a-glance.)

How do you get Customers to Review your business?

There are 3 Main Effective Ways to Drive a Customer to Create a Review: